Gourmet Coffee Beans from the Americas are not overly complex. The coffee will have a crisp delightful acidity. The best organic coffee will include Hawaii, Mexico, Central and South America along with the Caribbean Island Nations.


Africa is the birthplace of coffee and has some of the most complex and exotic coffees. All coffees originated from the "Dark Continent" so every coffee you drink has a little bit of Africa in it.

Can two or more coffees play nice together in the cup? Not every coffee should be blended with another. Our Roastmaster understands this and has created a number of wonderful blends.

The Indonesian Islands, India and Papua New Guinea make up our Indonesian offerings. These coffees grow at moderately high altitudes and the rich volcanic soil has given them a distinct smoothness.

Coffee is our Passion

We are a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Our Roastmaster has 14 years of coffee roasting experience. Emerald Roast Coffee Company began while he was still serving our country in the United States Navy as a Corpsman! As in the Military "DO ONE THING AND DO IT WELL" We DO Coffee! Let us bring our Passion to Your Cup.

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Emerald Roast Coffee Company
The Jewel of Coffees from Around the World

Only the best Organically Grown Green Coffee Beans are used to Roast our Gourmet Coffee

It’s important for you to know that as a micro-coffee roaster that we can obtain our coffee in smaller lots, thus maintaining the freshness of our inventory. We use an importer that has many Direct Trade coffees, this means he deals directly with the farmers so they get a better price for their hard work and you get a better coffee in the end. We also offer Fair Trade Certified and Rainforest-Alliance Certified coffees all organically grown.




Gourmet Coffee Beans